musings from the elections

Its all finished, The Tory’s are in all by themselves. I am not sure how I feel about it, I will be honest and say I have always been blue, I have always voted for them, but this time it doesn’t feel right. Only one party being in power yes, but the Tory’s being in no I don’t think so.

You see the one thing I have going through my mind is a promise they made, 2 million back in work, but there are not 2 million on JSA (I think I have my figures right, but don’t quote me) so where are they going to get those other people from the only place they can Disability.

I am worried very worried, but I think no matter what I would be worried, I do believe Labour would be disasterious for the country. I don’t believe the Lib Dems would be any good and I worry were a lot of the money would come from with their policies.

Basically we are fucked which ever way we voted and people were always going to be unhappy

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