Why don’t we have superheros

The thing is I am not talking about your X-Men or your spiderman more your Iron Man, Batman, Mocking Bird, why do we not have those guys.

Welll I am guessing dressing up in a black suit and saying I am batman might get you locked up.

But we as a country concentrate so much on the bad side of life we don’t celebrate the success and we should.

So comment or share to someone you know who is a hero .

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1 Response to Why don’t we have superheros

  1. I work with animal advocates who I consider to be heroes. Especially those who go into the trenches, the worst places of all, to investigate the kind of animal cruelty that the general public would rather not see (and in fact get outraged/angry when it’s brought to their attention, how dare you assault my well-being with such horrible images!) — to not only save animals but to also get justice for them, to hold the violators accountable for the atrocious actions they commit against those who are helpless and cannot speak up for or protect themselves.

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