Hi Mr Cameron

Or can I call you David? you already have a name for me, which is scrounger, I am sure you have other names for me but that seems to be the main one.

So what should we call each other? You see the intersting thing about me is I am right wing, I have my friends who are lefties, but me, I am with you,

Yep David, you and me together, oh hang on are you taking a bit more money from me because we need to make cuts? well thats ok cause we are all in the same boat. cuts need to be made David.

Maybe I could suggest, just maybe that top earners get taxed a little bit more? NO? Thats ok David, I don’t need a lot of gas during the summer I can cut back on that.

Excuse me David, you promised to be here for the working people and due to cuts I am now deciding between eating and my child getting a hot bath, and before you condem me David I use to earn 30k+ but there for the grace of God and I would never wish living this life on anyone but tell me David, did you have to choose between food or gas, did you have to go to a food bank?

So come on when am I going to get the same perks as the rich?

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