my guilty pleasure

When I started this blog, I suppose I wanted it to be a political blog, focusing on the problems the people who suffer from mental health suffer from.

But as I have gone on, it has turned into a more personal blog, I have been happy to go along with it. So with that in mind, I am sharing with you one of my major pleasures and it is cooking and watching masterchef. Now not just the masterchef UK which I find difficult to get through if I am going to be honest, but other countries.

Lets start with cooking, I love it, we have a fish Friday, every friday I go down to my fishmonger and buy the freshest fish around. If you are ever in Camberley, Surrey Check out “The Fish Shop” I cannot rave enough about this place. The staff are amazing, if you ask they will give you the best way to cook the fish, they are amazingly friendly and have the most amazing relationship with the fishermen they buy from. I have brought fish from them before and they have told me either the person or the boat who caught it.

Also I do tend to buy my meat from a butcher rather than a supermarket, (but I will rave about my butcher another time) Anyway my whole point is that I love fresh food, all I need is a proper old fashion greengrocer and I would be laughing.

I do tend to get a lot of my receipes from the internet, but also I get ideas from masterchef, if you don’t know what masterchef is, its a cooking competition, where amatuer chefs battle to win the title of masterchef, the judges are normally well known chiefs.  I will watch the South Africa, the New Zealand. The Canada, The Australia and The Ireland Masterchef.

My partner hates them all, but bless him he puts up with it, or goes and hides in the bedroom.

If you ever want different reciepes go with these guys, you learn some new stuff, and the masterclasses with the professionals are fantastic and you do learn a lot.

So there you go something different for you all today 😀

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3 Responses to my guilty pleasure

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  2. Mahevash says:

    More like yummy pleasure! Cute post 🙂

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