Mental health care? Might as well go back to the stone age

Once a month I go to cmhs place to go see my shrink, its a massive hospital, with an inpatient word with 22 rooms.

ridgewood 2ridgewood 3ridgewood 4ridgewood 5ridgewood 6

If you are wondering yes these buildings are all closed down.

Today I turned up to my app, I hadn’t had an app for a good three months so imagine my surprise when I was greeted with this

ridgewood 1

Now lets ignore the fact that one of my major mental health problems happens to be with pregnant women and newborns. (If I can’t do it, not sure why everyone else can) and my shrink today was 6 months pregnant. But she was lovely but not going to be a stable feature in my care.

Anyways the hospital itself was built in the 1840’s and gradually they have sold off lands, till all that is left is the ward, the day centre and the citizin advice bureau.

Instead there are going to be 100 new homes, At least this time I suppose its not luxury flats. Now I made a kind of joke of who would want to live next to a mental ward. The very nice lady at reception informed me that is not going to be a problem since they were going as well.

The best part of this is the NHS have sold off the land. The council have approved all these lovely homes and yet no one has thought about where people suffering from mental health conditions are going. The next nearest place is 30 miles away. Or as a website has just informed me 20 miles if I learn to fly

Its ok though because the citizan advice bureau is going to be in the local libary.

The reason why I am so angry at this, is I know the fight I and my doctor had to get me seen, the mental health services are stretched to breaking point, and not just my area other areas. So what are the chances that people with mental health problems are going to be seen in a completely different area.

I am seriously worried about the country we are leaving for the next generation

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24 Responses to Mental health care? Might as well go back to the stone age

  1. dray0308 says:

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  3. I pray for all of us that this dark period in our history ends soon. Thank you for posting this.

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    • So do I, but it looks like they are due to make more cuts to the child and adolesent mental health team, which is a travesity, surely if we can stop it when it first begins, for a large amount of people it will never be as bad. I know that if I had gotten help at 18, then maybe at 33 I wouldn’t be classed as disabled because I can’t leave my house some days

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      • My curse is to have the memory of fully funded public services created by a generation that wasn’t perfect; but understood that it had a responsibility to the future. Most of our suffering have nothing to do with our illnesses…

        And one day, another generation will look at what this one has done to people with mental illnesses and give it the name it deserves:


        Militant ignorance.

        A crime against humanity.

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      • This is so true and it is going to get worse before it gets better.

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      • Yes…sadly it is going to get worse.

        Our governments and our people have known for over 40 years we made a mistake and destroyed our mental health systems and the lives of those people who depend on it to get well and we have done nothing to correct that mistake.

        If anything, we choose to exacerbate it by making more cuts and playing blame the victim.

        The crime is not the mistake that we made with good intentions.

        The crime is doing nothing to correct that mistake even as we watch people suffer and die from it in nearly every major city of the world.

        The real problem with democratic systems is that it the people themselves who are accountable for the actions of their governments.

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      • I really do have high hopes for the new leader of the labour party. Anyone who makes an MP for the mental health service is already going in the right direction


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  5. As high school teacher I saw so much in kids that I knew was problematic. But even if diagnosed and treated the “treatment is automatic one size fits all “pill therapy”. Yes, it’s all a scary mess.

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    • I think the government (Speaking of the UK) seems to think that children are one size fits all. When it comes to education, children have to do these exams and some are made to feel bad because they are not as good at one subject as something else. As a country we need to look at how we treat our children in every aspect before it is too late. I don’t want to say its to late for my generation (I am 33) because that is defeat but maybe we should be concerntrating on making this a better world for our children


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