Should MP’s be allowed to sit on the fence?

I did a bit of fact finding today, with regards to the welfare bill, yesterday, the bill was debated in parliment and votes were cast. Out of 650 MP’s  124 say no they thought it was a shocking idea 308 said yep, lets make the hard working people even poorer. Meaning 218 MP’s did not vote yes or no on what is the biggest shake up to the welfare state in decades, 218 MP’s. I am not sure I even know 218 people, and what I haven’t been able to find out is how many of those 218 just didn’t bother turning up. But I can tell you 184 of those MP’s were labour. That is 84% of those MP’s who were labour, that is a shocking number.

And just to make it slightly clearer. This is a list of all the parties and how many people make up those party

conservative 330
labour 232
snp 56
democratic unionist party 8
lib dem 8
sinn fien 4
Plaid cymu 3
Social Democratic & Labour Party 3
ulster union 2
green party 1
independent 1
speaker 1
ukip 1

So 20% (or47) of the labour party voted no, which basically means 1 person voted yes, what a bastard. The other parties that voted no are the SNP, the lib dems, democratic unionist party, Plaid cymu and the Social Democratic & Labour Party. These MP’s voted as one party with most of them all voting no.

Of course it is possible that the MP’s that didn’t vote yes or no could of been ill, or on maternity. But then I would expect them to have someone who can go in their place.

I don’t believe that for something like the welfare bill, which is bound to effect at least one person in each of their constituencies, that they can sit on the bench, why the hell do I vote for an MP who is not going to do his or her job.

With that in mind something which I was unaware of is that even though something is being voted on, the people as a whole can still have a say

This link explains it all,  but I feel for all those people who are complaining about the government (such as myself) we should do something. Shout from the rooftops, this is not right.

So go on I dare you, email the Public Bill Committee and tell them what you think

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