My darling little boy has reached that lovely stage of childhood, where he says exactly what comes into his head. For example mummy why is that man in a mobility scooter. Mummy why is those ladies laughing. mummy why is that woman so big *facepalm* if you don’t answer within 0.06 seconds, he repeats but louder.

Also that three letter word, which is every parents nightmare why? but mummy why? And its not normally those answers that you can answer. Mummy, why isn’t Mr bloom on. Mummy why did you need the toilet. Mummy why isn’t it time to go meet Daddy (Daddy had literally kissed our son goodbye and walked out the door)

The other fun thing is he is listening and repeating, now unfortunatly both myself and his father use to swear freely, when we have my stepson we stopped and when our son came along, we stopped, but sometimes certain words popped out.

This became apparent in the car, I drive my partner doesn’t, and nothing enrages me more than people not signalling round a roundabout. It appears I have been saying my thoughts out loud, when I approached a roundabout and stopped and this little voice says “SIGNALS FOR FUCK SAKE”

At the moment we are ignoring it and hoping he forgets the word.

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  1. dbp49 says:

    What always drove me crazy about the learning curve of children was the fact that you could tell them a thousand times that 2×2=4 and they would never get it, but go into a screaming 22-word rant that contained 17 6-letter swear words in three different languages just once in the child’s hearing, and they’ll repeat it without a hitch after never hearing it again for three months straight. Lol.

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