heartbroken again

Everytime my period turns up its like someone has ripped my heart out and then kicked me in the stomach and maybe stomped on me again. Everytime it happens I go downhill so quickly I might as well be on rollerskates.

I hate this feeling and I hate the fact that every month I am to expect it. I think what is probably worse, is I start hating people who have more than one child. I literally see the photos on facebook and want to scream at them. How dare they be happy when I am not. How dare they have something which I seem unable to do. How very dare there.

The most selfish of emotions comes over me and I want them to know they should stop posting all these photos of their families, it hurts me when they do it so why do they keep doing it. How selfish of them not to know how much it hurts me.

I get submerged in anger and jealousy and it consumes me, and this lasts for as long as my period does and then I spend three weeks being “normal”

I never said the thought process was logical but I thought I would share the madness within my brain, because while these feelings are mine. I know I am not alone and if one person reads this and has these emotions, I want to let you know you are not alone,

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