I am not sure what is wrong with me at the moment, but the way I can describe it is lonely, I don’t feel as if I can talk to people about what is going on in my head.

I am finding it really difficult to communicate with anyone, unless they have four legs or are three years old.

I am not sure what to do at the moment and it is starting to weigh me down

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13 Responses to lonely

  1. I can 100% relate to you right now, I am feeling the same. It’s bothering me because even when with others I still find myself feeling lonely.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. You deserve true happiness.


  2. M says:

    I need to find a better one, but this is the best I can come up with at short notice, without insulting mental illness. I’ll try harder.

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  3. rosieeek says:

    I can definitely relate to you right now – lonely, but not wanting to talk to anyone. It gets better and you should definitely keep venting to your four legged friends 🙂


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  4. Four-legged friends are wonderful because they are just there no matter what and I know mine comfort me through any phase or mood I may be having. I’m truly sorry you’re having a difficult time right now. I hope it gets better for you soon.

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    • thank you, can I just say your likes really get me through at times, it is very much saying to me someone cares enough so thank you for that

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      • I can relate to so many things you say and can understand your frustrations and want you to know that I read everything and I’m here. 🙂 But believe it or not I’m extremely socially awkward and so I’m slow to comment on other peoples’ blogs because I never know what to say and I’m always afraid I’ll say the wrong thing or that it will be taken the wrong way because of how I say it, so…I just usually keep my thoughts to myself. But you are most definitely not alone. I’m always here lurking… 😀

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      • feel free to comment on anything I write, can’t remember the last time I was offended. I normally assume everyone is as sarcastic as me 😀

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