*Sings badly* Never going to give me up*

Today my partner had a day off, we have been going through a rough patch. We both find my mental health plus toddler pluse dog plus 2 cats exhausting and at times, we forget about spending time together and working on just us, as well as us as a family.

So we downed all technology stuff and went to a pick your own farm. I use to do this as a child, our son has never done it and my partner use to do it.

Four hours later and you see the result (just for the record the milk is shop bought, this time spelt correctly so C doesn’t tell me off, we didn’t milk a cow for it. Although I am seriously thinking about buying a cow) We got onions, corn, strawberrys rasperberrys (delicious and probably ate half my weight in them) potatoes, spinach, marrow, courgette, beatroot. For a reasonable price.

My son is exhausted (bonus) we all had a good time, plus we had a picnic which is a first as well

Because I have been feeling down, we find, if I can getting out and about helps, and it did if I am going to be honest. I am not sure how my partner puts up with me at times, our lives could be so much easier if I could be less mentally ill, but you know that old saying when life gives you lemon turn around to life and say I didn’t order this shit bring me my wine. Or something like that. 😉

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