bloody child

For the last week, my son has been getting up at 5.30, going down the stairs and…….

1. gotten into the freezer to eat ice cream for breakfast

2. pulled a chair to the fridge, so he could stand on it, undo the child lock and get to his chocolate

3. run himself a bath

4. washed the cat

5. emptied the dog treats into the dog

6. Tried to feed the cats (resulting in cat food over the floor)

After this last one, we made a decision to buy a few stair gates and limit what he can do, we put one on his door, which I never wanted to do and put another on the kitchen door. Just incase.

I was woken up at 5.30 this morning to my son having climbed over the damn stair gate and running a bath. Normally one of us gets up between 6.30-7 to make sure we are up early enough for him, but there is something so wrong in setting an alarm at 5am just incase he gets up.

He also got over the kitchen stair gate as well, I am clearing up the disaster area as we speak

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