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Mental health care? Might as well go back to the stone age

Once a month I go to cmhs place to go see my shrink, its a massive hospital, with an inpatient word with 22 rooms. If you are wondering yes these buildings are all closed down. Today I turned up to … Continue reading

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my guilty pleasure

When I started this blog, I suppose I wanted it to be a political blog, focusing on the problems the people who suffer from mental health suffer from. But as I have gone on, it has turned into a more … Continue reading

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Since I got over 100 followers on here (thank you all by the way) I have decided to concentrate a littl bit more on my facebook page. Which to be honest, just links my blogs, occassionally I will say something … Continue reading

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Things I have noticed

So in yesterday’s post I tried to explain what my anxiety felt like. And it got me thinking about how different my life is now compared to how it use to be, and how I have changed, obviously as you … Continue reading

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you know?

Today I went to the shops, with my son. This might not seem a big deal to most, but for someone who suffers with major anxiety and a fear of crowds its a massive thing. Now I am not telling … Continue reading

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my friend M, gets upset when I don’t post often. Not sure why I am fairly sure my grammar mistakes and not to mention my spelling makes her eyes burn (she is a teacher.) So this is a post especially … Continue reading

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My take on the budget

I think if you read through a lot of my posts, you may well figure out that I am not a fan of the government. Of any government to be honest. But I also think they are necessary and being … Continue reading

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