An update

If you read the about bit and then have had a look at the latest posts, you will realise that this blog has evolved into a more personal blog with rambilings. The way I look at it is if I am not talking about my mental health I am getting to a good place.

I have been going through anxious periods over the last few days and that has knocked me off my game but as I have just commented on another blog, I am sat here surrounded by my animals, the child is asleep and I have control of the remote control

As I firmly believe if I am not talking about it, its a good thing, I am trying to make sure I control my depression and anxiety not they control me

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7 Responses to An update

  1. So long as you have control of the remote and it’s not on cartoons/kids shows, that’s a good thing. When my kids were little, I’d find myself in control of the remote and it would still be on kids shows for like an hour before I even noticed (I’m NOT counting Looney Tunes because they don’t count, they are for all ages…ALL ages I tell you and therefore acceptable adult viewing material!).

    It’s good to be in control as you say instead of letting things control you. Hitting snags in life is expected but still doesn’t negate your control over your situation. That’s what I tell myself.

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    • Fortunatly Cbeebies which is the main channel my son loves ends at 7pm so you do tend to notice the silence. Although he has just started to get into Lazy Town, which is on a different channel which is 24 hours, so I am guessing sitting and watching kids tv is going to happen, fortunatly it also seems to show Looney Toons

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      • Well you can’t go wrong with Looney Tunes! Lazy Town has been around for a while. My daughter watched it when it first came out years and years ago. It was a decent show, I liked how it emphasized health and fitness. And for her (my daughter), I liked how the girl in it was always problem solving and being brave and intelligent.

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      • My son dances along to the dancing and I agree with the showing health and fitness, but I don’t get why some are humans and some are puppets. Although the thinking in my household is Stephanie (the girl) is actually in mental hospital and all of it is in her head and Sportacus and Robbie are actually her carers, Of course my household is mad, 😉

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      • I never looked at it that way! But that would make sense. I just assumed the puppets were supposed to be real people (but they didn’t want to pay for a cast, LOL) however kids were supposed to relate more to the main characters so that’s why they made them actual people. But even as “real” people, they sort of looked like puppets with their hair, their plastic looking faces, etc.

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      • See your one makes more sense, but I think any kids TV programme is either drugs or madness

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  2. I can see your point! Truthfully I tend to look at everything extremely cynically or worse yet, with a horror movie (I’m a horror buff) mentality which makes it even worse. It’s like I can’t help myself. I won’t even get into my views on the relationship between Sportacus and Stephanie. I try not to scream out my twisted mentality all of the time. LOL But there could be a case made for just about every kids’ show (for it being twisted or somehow “mad” as you say). Does it make us twisted that we notice it or the writers of the shows for having written it? 😀


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