bloody cat

I went to pick up my son from his nursery, and was followed by Gizmo

This is Gizmogizmo home he is half bengal, which from all I can figure out is one of the nosiest cats

till I got to the main road and then he dived into a bush, I don’t think of anything of it, picked up my son and start walking back home. I see a man looking through a bush and I could hear the unmistakable meowing of Gizmo, sounding like he is being tortured, murdered, beaten up you name it.

As soon as my son calls him, Gizmo dives out the bush nearly knocking this poor guy over, screaming for all he is worth. I think he was saying why did you leave me why are you not stroking me damn human do as I wish.

I have to explain to the poor man that Gizmo is a drama queen not being murdered by invisable pixies

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2 Responses to bloody cat

  1. Carol says:

    Gizmo should meet my brother, Steve! He’s a total drama queen, too.

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