whatever drugs they are on I want some

If you have a small child in the UK, you are probably aware of cbeebies, I firmley believe that a large amount of children makers are on some sort of drugs.

For example In the night garden

in the night garden yep a large amount of drugs was taken on this one and don’t even get me started on the teletubbies, but its not just recent ones. I will just mention the magic roundabout

C_71_article_1004656_image_list_image_list_item_0_image they didn’t even pretend they weren’t.

So as a mum who is being forced to watch the rhyme rocket 50 times a day because its his favourte just thought I would have a moan

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2 Responses to whatever drugs they are on I want some

  1. The teletubbies always creeped me out and I was glad that my kids weren’t really into them. Here in the U.S. it used to be a really big thing (when my kids were small) to make shows about toys that come to life when no one but the kids are around (like Barney for example) so that when they don’t in real life kids think there is something wrong with THEM (as in their toys hate them) OR kids with anxiety already don’t want their toys to come to life, especially at night when they’re trying to sleep because it’s scary….because they don’t understand yet the difference in reality and make believe on t.v. Try having THAT conversation with a very young child and not coming off as the crazy one…

    I really wonder sometimes about these people who make childrens’ shows.

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