OCD + Toddler is a bad mix

My three year old son like I imagine many other toddlers, doesn’t like clothes, at home its impossible to keep them on him and he has been known to when walking the dog try to start stripping. I am never sure if I should try and discourage this, I am going with the whole if he is happy then leave him be attitude.

However when he goes to the toilet this normally happens matt clotes

and he comes back wearing nothing.

The problem I have found is what most people would probably go and do is go to the room and pick up the clothes, yeah not me and my brain. I am thankful my I only have traits of OCD and not full blown OCD, but even so, I can’t go and pick them up. Not untill I have cleaned all the other rooms, I have no idea what would happen if I did just go and pick them up, but I can’t.

There are other difficulties but this one amused me today, when I realised he had stripped after I cleaned the toilet and then did it again the next day and because of that I couldn’t clean them up till the next day.

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