Anxiety sucks

I haven’t written in a few days and am now very behind with things, so I am afraid you are about to have blogging diahoria from me, especially since I also have been nomainted for two awards *smug face* but I am going to try scheduling and see how we go

But the reason why is I have been dealing with the worse anxiety I have dealt with in a while, thankfully my depression doesn’t seem any worse but living with this stomach churning, chest tightening, wanting to throw up feeling hasn’t made it fun to do anything.

On a positive note, even though I have been dealing with it, I still managed to go to my local fire station for an open day (yes another one) and while I spent the afternoon just wishing the ground would swallow me whole. I managed to do the day with only a few panic attacks.

Plus I got this photo, which for some reason I love,

the crane boys its my very handsome partner, my very handsome son and my very handsome  stepson. I didn’t just take a photo of some random people walking down the road

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7 Responses to Anxiety sucks

  1. M says:

    It is a brilliant photo.
    The things we do to keep our kids happy :-P.
    And as for the anxiety, hugs, hugs and more hugs.

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  2. skynimbus says:

    Also, here’s wishing your anxiety goes away. 🙂

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