Following, the things I have learnt

After a mammoth day yesterday for my blog, and after spending an hour or so trying to learn a few bits I suddenly realised something was not right, going through the people to nominate, I realised I wasn’t getting emails for some to let me know they had written a new blog, now I use both email and the freshly pressed bit, however it confused me why I wasn’t receiving emails. Then suddenly I saw this post from OM. I swear its like he reads my mind on what blogging tips I need (I am looking at copywriting next. Hint hint)

So I seem to have followed some but not subscribed and this is annoying, because looking at the comments it might have something to do with settings. So when the small one is in bed I am going to be checking over my settings.

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3 Responses to Following, the things I have learnt

  1. I do actually read minds. That should be on my disclaimer huh.

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