the social nicety of blogging

On a few of the really popular blogs, the ones with thousands of followers I often see a paypal button so you can contribute and never really understood, I mean why should someone pay for you to blog. I now understand

I have got 100 odd emails in the last 24 hours and the thing is if someone likes, or comments or follows, for the first time I like to go and have a look at their blog say thank you have a bit of a nosy at the blog and if I like it follow.

If someone comments I like to at least acknowlodge them in some way and try and reply or at least like the comment cause for me a person has taken time out of their day and read something I posted and taken the time to comment.

This blogging malarky is more difficult that I think I gave it credit,

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5 Responses to the social nicety of blogging

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  2. dj2131 says:

    I’m new to this so I appreciate the tip.

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  3. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I have many broad subjects I like to follow. I also really like to keep my blog upbeat for the most part. Although it does focus on plants, I sneak a personal look in here and there. These mostly happen through my comments. There’s something ‘chummy’ about meeting other bloggers, it doesn’t matter what subject we write about, we’re all bloggers!

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