Yesterday I connected with an old friend of mine E. Its one of those facebook things, we were best friends at school together, at 16 I left (or was asked to leave) school and she stayed on to go to sixth form. And we lost touch, we did sort of stay in touch, but ultimately life got in the way and we didn’t see each other again.

Then facebook came along and we reconnected from there. we have chatted a few times, and then yesterday she said shall I come over and we can go to the park. I haven’t seen the girl in nearly 16 years, but then she also knows that the best thing to do is to just say we are meeting up rather than give me a day in the future and allow me to stew over it.

I have had people ask me how come I can get to the park with my dog, during my really bad times I couldn’t. I couldn’t get pass my front door. But at the moment

parkThis is taken from my front door, the trees is where the park is, that is how close the park is from my home.

So we were going to somewhere I felt comfortable, I was bringing my son (so had a comfort blanket) and I knew E, might not have seen her but I knew her. Still involved some panic, not panic attacks but panic, and taking big breaths, but we got there and spent the next two hours chatting, My son was on fine form and on his best behaviour (for a three year old entertaining himself for 2 hours), E was good, looked amazing, weather was brilliant and we had a good catch up and hopefully looking forward to doing it again

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2 Responses to Yesterday

  1. M says:

    Now the question is, what you you do to get asked to leave school? :-p
    I’m really glad you managed to meet a friend.

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