Another day another doctor’s appointment or is it

Today I two appointments one was for an ECG, they were making me do this so I could go on some medication, my doctor said its overkill, my shrink said its necessary, who am I to argue with anyone in the medical profession and the other was for my shrink.

The problem I found is when I realised my partner had been called in to work, without double checking the calender and because I had told him they were all happening on Tuesday (yes that is my fault) and when I suddenly realised I rang him up to see if I could get him back to watch our child, his response was could you not take him with you, so I had to remind him one was a shrink app his response ” well are you sure you are in the right frame of mind” When he gets home I am going to have a conversation about the state of mind he thinks I should be in to go see a shrink.

Anyway we went to the ECG but I had to cancel the other one, I find them difficult enough without having to worry about a small child, who might sit there quietly but then I would be worry he would listen and either way a councilling appointment is not the right place for a three year old.

Anyway if you are in my part of the world you would have noticed the rain, it has rained lots, while adults always tut about the rain, for a toddler and his mum its splash time, we got home looking like we had gone swimming in our clothes

coming homewe had to strip as soon as we got home, but what a lot of fun we had

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2 Responses to Another day another doctor’s appointment or is it

  1. I got caught in the downpour too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any big puddles to jump in. (Like Dawn French – Vicar of Dibley)

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