Benefits its not a fun life

I find that people tend to judge when you say you are not working, the immediate assumption you are taking the piss on benefits. I find a lot of it is based on channel 5 and their lovely benefit series, benefit wedding, 12 years old and living on benefits, I have 15 kids all on benefits.

The problem is, is these stories and in the minority a lot of people struggle on benefits, and I find these tv programmes disgusting and just rustle up hate for the most vulnerable in society.

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5 Responses to Benefits its not a fun life

  1. Both of our Nations elected swine to public office in the 1980’s. The swine empowered more swine and now both of our countries are pig sties for rich swine.

    The odd thing about it is that the people had a choice and they chose swine. It’s a paradox, isn’t it.

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    • I think what is worse is that the UK has done it again is this year’s election. This was the people’s chance to say we want to protect the vulnerable and instead we went for a government that took from the poor, the young and the disabled. And now it is starting to come out that since they started the sanctions on the benefits nearly 4000 people have died.

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      • Right. There is a strain of social darwinism in both nations. The Eugenics Movement in the U.S. pre-dates the Nazis and many of their ideas came from the States. In fact, they used out programs as their defense after the war. The allies defeated Nazi’s – not fascism and not the idea that some people don’t deserve to live. Surely the decades long crime of homelessness now rivals the Nazis for vicious malice and and the execution of defenseless people under the noses of a complacent and approving public public.

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      • I have been following the news that certain states are now making it illegal to feed the homeless and I think a lot more is going on that is bneing reported

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      • We in the states have been in the grip of a vicious eugenics agenda since 1980. This was when we
        began labeling the poor and disabled as ‘welfare queens” and takers. This was when the political hypocrisy of Ayn Rand, who died as a social security and Medicare recipient, reached its apex.

        The method of execution in the United States is the artificial creation of grinding poverty, not unlike what was done 9in the Warsaw Ghetto.

        It was an American doctor who came up with the insight that if you subject people to extreme conditions of poverty they die.

        In 1980 the right figured out how to divide and conquer the people of the united states…it was a simple as blaming the poor and their “liberal” enablers and the mean old government for the pain caused by a conservative agenda–so for almost 40 years we have gone about our daily business with slow public executions happening all a5round us.

        Looked at from that point of view gives what we call “homelessness” and “housing insecure” a new context.

        It’s a public execution by method of lethal neglect.

        This evil agenda intensified in the 1990’s with Newt Gingrich’s list of words to redefine, and when Democrats also became mealy mouthed slaves to feudal corporatism which made it easy for their
        lackey in the Republican party to whip up even more racist hysteria with code words.

        The Democrats were so weak that not even the theft of the 2000 election was able to rouse them from their role as the battered wives of their abusive Republican husbands.

        There does seem to be some light through; primarily because the people who are most likely to vote against using their own government and their own resources to enrich their lives are now suffering.

        There is a point at which hunger and grinding poverty hurts more than letting other poor people get ‘something for nothing.”

        Some of them are also directly experiencing the health benefits of having access to health care. Yes there are people so stupid in the States that they would rather die from a staph infection than use ‘socialized” medicine.

        As if the whole purpose of creating a community and an advanced civilization isn’t to improve everyone’s life by pooling resources.

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