Rant 2

So after my rant earlier, I got thinking about the rich poor divide and the whole don’t have children till you can afford them, and suddenly I thought well for some people that is just not going to happen.

In 2011 3.3 million families in the UK were recieving tax credits, child tax credits is a benefit, as is working tax credits, then you have housing benefits, and child benefits, all of these despite what some people say are benefits,

so going by the whole don’t have kids till you can afford it, that would be 3.3 million couples not to have had children, now of course in that is going to be families who could afford and then due to a change of circumstances can’t.

Now of course I am going to blame the government for this, if we had a living wage rather than a minimum wage (and not what they are proposing) then maybe less people would be getting money from the government.

So if you have ever used the phrase don’t have kids till you can afford them. For a lot of people that is unlikely to happen in this day and age

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