Today at nursery

My son is a toddler, and as such seems to have unlimited amount of energy, he also seems to have inherited my lack of co-ordination. If there is a wall, door, table, animal, toy to trip over or walk into, one or both of us will, he is lucky in the fact he doesn’t seem to bruise, where as I just have to touch something and I am bruised.

This does result in some awkwardness, as people do look at my partner as though he beats me, and it is one of those things that the more you protest the more it seems as though you are lying.

My partner went to nursery today to pick up our son, now we have issues with the nursery we have our son at and thankfully tomorrow is his last day, a few weeks ago, my son fell and got a scratch under his right eye, this has now cleared up, yesterday he ran into his puddle and fell over and got a scratch under his left eye *sigh*

So when my partner went in to collect our son, he was basically accused. My partner is a gentle man and I couldn’t imagine him hitting anyone let alone his child, so when he came back he was seething (he might not hit someone but he can get moody) mainly because the headmistress insisted that toddlers didn’t get bruises. Neither of us are what is referred to as helicopter parents, my son wants to play in the garden, I am not going to stop cleaning the kitchen (for example) to go and watch him. I might stop cleaning to go play with him, thus I think he is more likely to get scratches and bruises and such like.

I have just double checked, he has two scrapes on his knee and a bruise on his arm.

So for those of you that have had toddlers,(or if youjust want to add a comment) what do you think? Do you think we wrap our kids up in cotton wool too much now a days

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5 Responses to Today at nursery

  1. dj2131 says:

    My boy is a real teal tough and tumble. But sometimes he still needs some tender loving care!

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  2. Scratches and bruises are normal when a kid is playing around. Jumping in puddles, trying to climb a tree, running and falling. Emily has had many bruises from trying to do things like the others, I think that’s part of being a kid and of learning that actions have consequences.

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