Are there rules?

Today is my son’s last day of nursery, now other children who have left are 5 and going on to infant school, where as I am taking my son out cause I think the nursery sucks,

So do I have to get presents for people. I object on a whole about getting presents for the teachers for doing their jobs, so I am not sure why I am in a quandry

Well I do I feel the social pressure on me I don’t know any of the parents or children so I am not sure why I should get them a present

I hate being unsure of my decisions

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8 Responses to Are there rules?

  1. babysteps22 says:

    Ohh..I wish I could offer some sound advice but it’s the first time I’m hearing of buying presents in this situation. 🙂

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  2. M says:

    It must be me, being a foreigner and all, but no, I don’t normally buy gifts for teachers or nursery staff. On the rare occasion that I do so, it’s because they have been really kind to my child. Like my son’s reception teacher and TAs. They had to work a lot with G to encourage him to write.
    Year 1 teacher? You have to be bloody kidding me if anyone thinks I’m buying her anything. 😛

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  3. M says:

    And knowing your child’s nursery, they are just lucky you don’t leave a steaming pile of dog poo at their door. 😛
    Just kidding. Maybe. Or not. 🙂

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  4. From my point of you, no gifts. From the person who goes above and beyond, a hand-written notes. Maybe some people expected more but I sure didn’t lose sleep over it.

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