Things my son says part 2

For those who missed it my son has a bunny

mr bunny1Mr bunny, this bunny goes everywhere with my son, except nursery, this morning he (my son not the bunny that would just be weird) got up at 6am, got me up and took mr bunny downstairs.

My insomnia has come back, so I had only had about two hours sleep, but we played and waited till half seven, when I got my partner up to take our son to nursery. I went back to bed and heard the age old argument

son: I want to take mr bunny to nursery

Partner: no m, mr bunny stays here

son: *runs up the stairs* mummy you look after mr bunny, he never lets the damn thing out of his sight, so I was like aahhhhh how sweet

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3 Responses to Things my son says part 2

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  2. Could there be a more appropriate name for a bunny? (The answer is no.)

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