This morning

I barely got any sleep last night, so as such I am angry, I find this is often the case when I get little or no sleep, the problem with this is my partner is at work so its just me and a three year old who loves to push boundries. I am serious its his fav thing to do at the moment.

Now if you are a parent, one of the things you ultimately have to decide is how to instil discipline, different people take on different roles, whether its a form of letting your child learn themselves to using smacks.

We however are a time out family. Its where you put a child on a step or in their room or in a special place for x amount of time x being a minute for every year, so for us, my son has to sit for 3 minute, Now while my son isn’t bad under any extreme, he is deaf to his name or when he is ask to do things, but then show me a toddler that isn’t. We use these time outs.  When I am angry, I go into time outs because it gives me a chance to calm down and think am I going to tell him off because he has done something wrong or because I am angry,

On these days we change the time outs so as not to confuse him. Instead of him sitting on the stairs for 3 minutes, I go into the kitchen and take some deep breaths and calm down, I find them very useful and tend not to over react to something that wouldn’t normally bother me

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  1. You are soing a great job.

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    • Thank you, just gutted it is raining its often easier to open the back doors, since my son loves playing in the garden


      • I was going to ask if the weather plays a major roll in mental health. I find that the rainy seasons effects me with post traumatic stress and anxiety.. feel like im locked in a cage or it just makes me feel like crap on all levels.

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      • I am not sure with me, I know certainly in winter I am worse, but then I can combat that with my son’s excitment of Christmas, I think it would be an interesting experiment to see, I know I do get worse when we can’t go out but its not always due to my anxiety but sometimes my OCD kicks in and its just like he can’t go in puddles because it is not wash day. I really do think it would be interesting to find out


      • It would be hey. Just asking what degree is your ocd? I have ocd but its related to organising items such as books= height order, wardrobe is organized by shirts, singlets, pants etc but in colours just mindless stuff like that.

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      • I have been diagnoised as having OCD traits, which I have no idea what that means, but I have a routine which “can’t” be broken with regards to cleaning. So monday I have to clean the bedroom, Tuesday is the bathroom etc etc. DVD’s and books are kept in strict alphabetical order, and when I leave the house a routine is followed


  2. You are really making an effort to be a great parent! Applauding you!!

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