A realisation

I got a letter from my shrink today, progressing my report and it was a very positive thought but it frustrated me, that due to have hidden my depression for so long and just ignoring it I have become adept at lying to myself and I mean I am a master at it.

Not one word in the report was true and that has nothing to do with my shrink, its me, I didn’t even realise I still put on the “its fine” routine, I am very open about my mental health, or at least I thought I was but it appears I am still a “I am fine”  person .

The “its fine” routine and the “I am fine” person is a routine that the majority of people who suffer from mental health go through.

i am finethis sums it up perfectly for me.

I don’t know why we do it, but we all do and it appears I am still doing it

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3 Responses to A realisation

  1. I’m go through some of these same thoughts , thank you for posting this and honesty.

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