California – Road trip

anyone from this area?

Lessons from my daughter

I need your help!

We are planning a road trip!

So far, it looks like we will fly into San Francisco and drive down to San Diego over 2 weeks somewhere around the July and August period in 2016

As you can see above, we got 2 books full of information!

I only have 11 months to plan this right so please help me.

Where should we stay?

What do we absolutely need to see?

Where should we eat?

What are the things only locals know that we should know 😜?

We will be the 3 of us, the 3 musketeers.

Remember our daughter has cri du chat syndrome so you know what this means right?

Are you thinking limitations???

Haven’t you been reading my blog?!?!

It means that we are up for everything and anything 😉

We can eat anywhere

We can walk

We can dance

We can shop

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