I have woken up…….

…Not really sure how I feel, I do try and get a handle on my emotions and feelings first thing, so if I am feeling down I can try and cheer myself  or if I am in a good mood, I try and keep hold of the feeling as long but this morning I can’t figure out how I am feeling, certainly tired would be the first on the list, considering I feel asleep at about half three and a certain little boy got me up at half five.

But other than tired I am a mixture of emotions and my first thought this morning was why am I not pregnant, which is the first time in a long time that I have thought that and it scares me because that thought is normally the preclude to me going down hill big time

And this scares me, it actually scares me that I could be going into a severe depression, and this is when the thoughts takes over, if I am going to be going downhill, should I mention it to my partner, but then what if I don’t does it make me a drama queen? But what if I do and I haven’t said anything does that make me neglectful.

And thus we go round and round till I basically talk myself into such a tizz

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