I am not sure about this

I refuse to watch the news, but I do know that there is a massive refugee crisis going on in the world and this morning in the UK news, there is an horriffic photo of a dead child washed up on a beach.

I haven’t shared it because I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to.

But there is a large amount of views, which as far as I have figured can be placed into three categories there is the we need to look after out own. The open our borders and let them in and the we need to be careful who we let in.

The thing is the UK between january and march 2015 we let in 7395 refugees. Germany 73135, Hungary, Italy, France, Sweeden, Austria all let in more people than we did.

we have over 610000 homes that are empty here in the UK occurding to the latest government figures.

You see I agree with all three statements, yes we should look out for our own. I am a human being, these people are human beings. Yes we should open our boarders and let them in, but of course we need to be careful, careful not to let the scum sucking humans who are charging god knows how much from vunlerable people who escaping god knows what.

We should (in the UK) be yelling at our MPs  and saying to the papers which are doing a lot of propergander shite that we don’t believe you. People are not going to risk their child’s life for pittance a week in benefits. As a mother, I would not make my child get into a boat on an open ocean unless I was desperate

But I also do agree with a friend of mine who has asked people to stop sharing emotive photos, we need to be doing something for these people.

You see I don’t have a lot of money (more than these people but not a lot) but I do have a roof over my head, heating and food. I can’t go into Calais and hand out food, clothing and such like, But what I can do is make a little noise it might not help but I can write a post on a blog and beg people to write to their MP’s it might seem like nothing, but writing to their MPs is better than sharing a photo on facebook

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