I mentioned in some earlier posts I went to go see my mum today. Near her is a residential home for the elderly. I was surprised when my mum says there were only 5 or 6 residence living there.

Now I did a bit of research on the place, it has capacity for 25 flats, 9 of them studio flats and 16 1 bedroom flats, there is a communal garden and some of the flats have their own garden and the average price is £80 a week and considering she lives on the outskirts of london its not bad.

People are calling out for residential homes and yet this one is empty, the area isn’t too bad. I have no idea, but thinking about it, I don’t see why we can’t fill the them with some people.

I mean I don’t have a proper plan, but I assume they are planning on emptying the flats and then changing the residential home into flats, maybe even knocking it down and restarting it, But I am thinking we could use this and other places such as this, and maybe use them for refugees or the homeless rather than knocking them down and building luxery flats, everything is already there for them, a bed, kitchen, bath to get them started.

I just think the UK needs to start thinking outside the box

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