How I passed my driving test

Having been chatting with D. Parker over at

She has just passed her driving test and it reminded me of how I passed mine. I find it amusing.

So it took me two goes, on the first go I failed cause I tried to take on a double decker bus. No seriously. It was a 2 way street but cars were parked down one side. I waited and waited and he didn’t do anything

So I went, so did the bus, I had to mount the curb, scaring the test guy shitless, but we survived.

The second time nothing of note happened, till I pulled up, the driving instructor said congratultions you’ve passed. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the car started rolling backwards as I hadn’t out the handbrake on.

Too late he had said it :-p

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2 Responses to How I passed my driving test

  1. It took my 3x to pass my road test. Now I think I will have to post about it. 🙂

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