Where is the humanity?

Having read a few comments from various racists I decided to share this, this was a quote between me and C when we were chatting and while it was a tad tongue in cheek, I think its starting to become fairly true. It started with C asking me where is the humanity?

I think when you can take a photo of a dead child who has drowned trying to get out of a war torn country, plaster it all over newpapers to sell them (nothing to do with making people aware) and then blame the parents because they could of stayed in turkey rather than trying to get to greece or cyprus
is when its time to say the human race needs to be destroyed
C. Indeed. Especially when they can’t stay in Turkey, they haven’t accepted a single refugee
People are blaming the refugees when really we should be blaming the governments and the money whoring media
Just thought I would share
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