Conspiracy Theory

I am not into all these sort of conspiracy theories, Although I do quite like the whole JFK came from the past and was actually the third man behind the grassy knoll, and he killed himself because the future where he survived was awful (this is a red dwarf theory)

red dwarf

But I digress, I do believe that we, as a general public are not told half as much that is going on. As a wise man once said

men in black

Ok, that might be it for gifs. But there is something strange going on with jeremy corbyn and labour. I mean when people are coming out and saying even if he wins we would not allow him to lead us. I mean if they didn’t want a democracy then why bother making people vote. Why don’t they just go well this is the person we want to lead us and tough shit to what anyone else thinks (Ok that might be the Tory’s as well) I think this would be a massive disgrace if they did this and the labour party as a whole did nothing and allow it to happen.

But the whole thing is very strange, but I find it interesting that the media, who are also dead against him, can’t seem to find any dirt on him at all. And I would bet my first born (and only) child on the fact that they have gone through this guy’s life with a fine tooth comb. It makes me wonder

Its abit like when David Cameron announced we were opening up our borders to refugees. My first thought wasn’t thank Christ he finally has a heart. It was well either that is  a knee jerk reaction or they have realised something even worse like anyone on benefits for a year will be exectuted and no one noticed because we were all so busy patting ourselves on the head that sharing all those posts on facebook worked, yes I may be a bit jaded on this one.

Like I say I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t tend to believe all the bollocks that the media puts out there, something is not right in our world and I worry that a lot of people just take what is said at face value, but then the way the UK government have done it, is any person who might stand up and say something is not right, is the same person who works god knows how many hours a week, to keep their head above water and is just too exhausted.

matrix (I lied about the  gifs)

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