Just bugger

So before we got these two

sheldon and gizmo kitten sheldon kitten gizmo kitten

We had Jones (Alien film reference)

jones still searching I know we have the most amazing looking cats, or should that be a children reference.

Anyway one day he went out and never came back, there was no news of him and we are still looking, I am a member of a few lost pets sites and one of them emailed me as a potentional match and yep, it was damn close and fairly close.

So today we jumped in the car to go see the RSPCA and as you might of been able to tell from the title, it wasn’t him, it was a very damn good looking cat, but just gutting and then my son cottened on to what was going on and kept asking for Jones. We told him Jones had gone on holiday.

However there were kittens lots of kittens. Just a shame my partner was with me, otherwise I could of gotten a couple more. 😉

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