Just stupid

I have mentioned my problems with my council and housing benefits a few times, recently, here, here and here

I rang them last friday and spoke to a lovely man, who let slip that they source the decision out to someone else. Also confirmed that my housing benefit had indeed stopped because we earned over the threasehold. As it stands in my household, we have me, who can’t work and my partner who is working part time.

The thing is I phoned last week to explain and then explain some more. This time I got told its in his intray. Lovely, really, I rely on this money to pay rent. My landlady isn’t a multimillionaire who has a stack load of houses. She is a retired lady who relys on the rent to live. So by not paying her I am effectivly screwing her over.

So to anyone who thinks those on benefits lives a life of riley think again

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10 Responses to Just stupid

  1. being disabled and on ‘benefits’ means being poor and at the mercy of a bureaucracy that can’t be trusted to do the right thing…anyone who thinks this is ‘cushy’ act for a “free” ride is an idiot.

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