A victory for the left?

I wrote about Jeremy Corbyn here and even then I was still unsure whether he would win, but he has done it and with 60% of the vote, While I would never consider myself a lefty, many of my friends are and they are all thrilled at this result. The labour party have spoken with a resounding roar.

And what did all those minsters do who weren’t happy, they threw their toys out of the pram and resigned. Within minutes of the result Jamie Reed resigned Rachel Reeves is not coming back after her maternity leave (which is a whole different ball game in my opinion) Tristram Hunt and Emma Reynolds all of these resigned. Ed Miliband, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper all ruled out being a member of the shadow cabinet.

To me, Corbyn is what I think Labour is, people are calling him left wing. Yes that is what Labour is, he stands up for the old party, so why the hell did all these people join this party. Surely they should of just joined the Tory’s or Lib Dems if they don’t like what Labour is? There is no use stropping about it. 80% of all people who paid £3 to vote. Voted for this guy, people are starting to speak out and are finding their voices against not only austarity for the poor but the Tory party as a whole

But Corbyn has a party in disarray, a party which has massive in party fighting. He has a long hard struggle to try and bring this disjointed party together and ready for the election in five years and just pray that there is still a country left

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