What a waste

Today I went into a town I rarely visit, The first thing I saw was that a pub had been knocked down, this might not seem that weird, but they have knocked it down, left a spare space but they have no idea what they are going to do with it. This town is struggling at the moment with schools and doctors and the thought of more “luxery” flats especially because the building more or less directly opposite is about to be turned into “luxery” flats

Not only that but in the town itself they are buiilding a premium inn, myself and my partner had a bit of an argument as this is the seventh premium inn in the space of 6 miles, and trust me when I say where I live is not that exciting to have seven premium inns. The only time you might be able to justify it, is once every two years we have an air show near us. Other than that nop.

But it got me thinking, especially after my rant here about houses, it made me really think why do we need al these hotels, I can’t believe the four within 10 miles are all going to be filled up all at once.

Why can’t the government put money into building affordable homes, or even things like bedsits that we can put people in. But maybe this idea is just too simple, rather than a hotel, we just do a bedsit, One hotel contains on average of 70 rooms, and these would be single, doubles and family rooms. Why is this not an option the government is thinking

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2 Responses to What a waste

  1. Delilah says:

    They could always sell it to aliens for a highway. Of course that would only make sense if they’ve read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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