In less than 48 hours

My son starts pre school, I have been really looking forward to this up until this point, it has just hit me. We did have him at a nursery before.

Hang on before I continue, (I had to get someone to explain this to me) a pre school is only open the same sort of times as a school, so it has half terms, Easter holidays, Christmas Holidays and the dreaded Summer holidays. Nursery’s are open all year bar maybe two weeks at Christmas.

So the way it works the Government gives you 15 hours free a week, but its not actually that simple, it sounds simple but  its not. Its 15 hours a free during term time. So the easiest way to put it is a year you get 600 hours a year. (52 – 12 this is the school holidays added together roughly  40*15 weeks times hours)

The way we were doing it was my son was doing 10 hours a week but that was 5 hours for 2 days 50 hours a week. And although having those two mornings free was heaven, it just wasn’t working for my son, which is one of the many reasons (of which I may tell you some day) why we moved him.

But now he is moving and starting his taster session on Thursday I am really nervous, its a massive change of routine, and he is so little to be going to school for 15 hours a week. I am really going to miss him, even though its not that much different it feels it is.

On the other side hopefully this might mean less of the 6am wake ups and more 6.30-7am wake ups

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