Jeremy Corbyn’s First Prime Minister Question Time as Labour Leader

My 3 year old very generously let me watch Prime Minister’s Question time, (I say let I had to bribe him with a large amount of chocolate)


I was already fuming because every single national paper here in the UK ran with the story that an atheist republican (Jeremy Corbyn) rather than singing the National Anthem stood with his head bowed and if I am to believe Facebook (but I cannot substantiate it) The Secretary of Defence Phillip Hammond, who kept looking round trying to catch the cameras. But I mention that just because I enjoy spreading rumours. I was pissed because the papers didn’t mention the Tax Credit Cuts, One man not singing the National Anthem compared to thousands of families being thrown into poverty

single facepalm

So because of this I came in a little late to see MP of Bassetlaw John Mann giving an interview

Now these are the main quotes I came up with during his five minutes or less interview I shit you not he did actually say

“He needs to sort his mistakes out” “what he says, what he doesn’t sing, how he dresses whether his buttons fastens up,”

And no matter how I look at this he is honestly saying the fact that he sees Jeremy Corbyn having his buttons fastened up wring is a mistake. Really? Compared to the loss the Labour party took at the general election? Well I wonder what side John Mann is on?


“He has had a distastrious start and he needs to get his act together”

Because he refused to sing the National Anthem and wears the wrong type of clothes. The guy has been in power less than a week.


“I have labour supporters writing to me in droves saying we will not vote labour with this man in charge”

I am assuming this doesn’t include the 30,000 new labour supporters that joined Labour after corbyn won

Triple facePalm

I really want John Mann to prove these letters.

I have tons of letters coming the Shire about their leader Bilbo Baggins and how he keeps disappearing

And this all happens before Prime Minister Question Time even starts, so I am obviously fairly curious to know what is going to happen and now to the serious bit

I am going to say that Corbyn looks like his suit is too big for him, but that sort of thing does suit him. He does seem very much to be a man that says I have more important things to worry about that what I wear.

I felt David Cameron got a bit of a dig in welcoming Corbyn to the front benches, to those who are not aware he has spent his 30 years as an MP as a back bencher, I don’t think anyone ever suspected he would win.

His first PMQ (Prime Minister Questions) and Corbyn welcomes a change and “its the same idea that the PM welcomed back in 2005 and yet something seems to have happened during that period”.  So he asked what questions the people would like to ask the PM 40,000 replies later. But he can only pick 6 questions.

I am not going to go into the questions and answers into details since the same thing more or less happened.

Corbyn asked the PM about Housing, the cut in rents for social housing and council tennants, Tax credits cuts (trust me I could do a whole new post on this. Actually I did here), How was the tax credits cuts actually fair, the mental health system being on its knees,  and the need for emergency beds.

Everytime Corbyn asked the question he mentioned the first name of the person who asked it plus the number of emails he had received.

Every answer David Cameron gave was, in my opinion, facts and figures, some which are true and some which has been altered in some way.

The housing the Tory have done well, building 260,000 affordable housing. Except its not affordable because not everyone can afford it and they have built more council houses in the last parliment, which is great considering.  Thatcher sold most of them off to begin with.

The one main thing that Cameron kept pointing out that we need a strong economy to be able to achieve what the Labour party want. There is no denying it, but there has to be a better way to get it than stomping on the poor.

And I think the main thing that annoyed me was how readily Cameron was to promptly blames GPs for the fact people were not getting the mental health help they needed.

All in all I was very impressed with Corbyn, the whole PMQ’s seemed a lot less like a bunch of school kids jeering at each other. I will probably watch another next week and see how similar that is to this.

So there we go my take on it all.

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