I haven’t really mentioned how I am doing with my distruction realtionship with the wine bottle. The only thing that is stopping me going back to it, is

A. a lack of money

B. I want to lose weight

C. I want to lose my wine belly

Ok that is 3 reasons but they are really good reasons, it is hard though, I am really struggling and its not just the addiction to wine, but I am craving, and I mean I will knock over a little old lady sort of craving. If she had a fag in her hand. And I haven’t smoked in something stupid like 2 years, but yet these craving keep coming back.

I have no real need to start smoking again. I remember the battle I had to quit and how damn moody I was and I won that battle so I don’t really want to go back to it.

But jeezs these cravings are painful.

I am doing it without the support of a group such as AA, but I am keeping it in mind that they are there should it get tough. The main reason why is because it is a group. And I hate groups. I also hate leaving my house, but I know they are there.

As people say one day at a time. One foot infront of another.

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7 Responses to Addiction

  1. Marlton Trainer says:

    Hang in there!

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  2. somniumhodie says:

    You can do it! Don’t restart.

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  3. c says:

    Nicotine is the go to stress relief for ex smokers. Stay strong my lovely ❤

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