How much more can the British public take?

I was browsing facebook and my eye caught in the trending section that the Tory’s are once again going to screw the poor.

There next move is to take away the free school lunches

This could be the only hot meal these kids get and they are thinking about taking it away.

While I find this disgusting, it is nothing comapred to when I was doing a bit more research into it all, to discover that the MPs get free fucking lunches. Or subsided (lets be fair about this) very heavily subsided.

Its a fucking disgrace and I make no apologises for my language. I am seething about this, All this government is doing is stealing from the poor. They are sucking the life out of what makes Great Britain Great and soon (hopefully very soon)The British public is going to tell them where to shove it

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7 Responses to How much more can the British public take?

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Sounds exactly like the US. So sad.

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  2. Ameena k.g says:

    I find this sad and I do hope they do not implement the withdrawal of School lunches whatever their reasons may be, if any even.

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    • Its meant to be, to save more money, but we cannot be squeezed any more, we have parents starving to make sure their children are being fed, More and more families are being evicted for not paying rent, this makes them reliant on social housing, which we don’t have enough of, so councils are forced to put them up in B&B’s which is costing the council a small fortune, when in fact what needs to happen is people like Gary Barlow need to pay their tax


  3. everydaylifeandhardships says:

    The government is disgusting! The kids might not eat all day, the parents might not be able to afford a decent hot meal every day!

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