How you shop with OCD traits

Well how it is for me anyway.  I did our four weekly shop, We are fairly regimented when it comes to shopping, I think I have mentioned that we use a butcher for all our meat, and we have a fish Friday, every Friday.

We get our fruit on a weekly basis, but then for everything else I do a massive monthly shop and go and pick it up. I use to make them deliver it, but I found expecting someone round was causing more anxiety than myself and my partner driving the five minutes up the road and collecting it.

but you see the thing is, because we shop on a four weekly basis, I tend to buy everything in fours. So four bleaches, four packs of butter, 4 cans of tomato soup.

Obviously if I don’t need four then I wont buy it, but I will have four in my cupboard otherwise I get anxious, which leads to a panic attack.

Personally I think this makes me prepared for anything up to and including a zombie apocolypse. There is also the positive side that if I do go “funny” or go downhill, its one less worry for my partner to have to think about cause we are stocked.

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9 Responses to How you shop with OCD traits

  1. everydaylifeandhardships says:

    Cried at the ending! 😂

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  2. everydaylifeandhardships says:


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  3. Delilah says:

    I love that you mention zombie apocalypse while discussing OCD shopping habits. Points! Also, I seem to feel a greater pull to fives. I like everything in fives. Not sure why? I know what you mean about having the pantry organized.

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