An apology

I am not sure how other bloggers do it, but I have a kind of routine, I tend to blog and write a cluster of posts together in the evening and then schedule them, so they don’t all come out at the same time, and because I am not really fussed about the reader, cause I seem to miss a lot of posts, I get most posts through email. So I spend a few hours afterwards, reading blogs and reblogging, commenting, liking and then depending on time I then have a nose through new blogs, I will always finish at the latest at 10pm, but at the moment I am trying to finish at 9.

I bet you are wondering where this is going, you see I fell asleep about a week ago, and slept all the way through the evening, thus not only did I not blog, which at times is not a bad thing, but I also didn’t read any emails which is bad. so I now have 400 odd emails sitting in my email account because I have been unable to keep up.

I also want to redesign my blog, get more orgainised and get a bit more exposure

Having said this, today is paperwork day and I am determined to get through a lot of the emails, so you maybe getting a lot of posts from me. You may not get anything, who knows. I may have a nap, either way wish me luck

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10 Responses to An apology

  1. honestme363 says:

    Good luck! And naps are great if you can sneak one in ☺

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  3. ANM7 says:

    Well, you are dedicated, and make a battle strategy. That is good, organization, yes. To be desired. I just spread myself out and find self involved. I miss a lot of obligations in and out of the web. And you know it is a Web, for it entangles us.

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