It makes me so angry

I watched question time last night. In case you were not aware, its basically politicians, journalists and on occasion celebraties answering questions asked by the public.

I only watched the last fifteen minutes, which was fortunate because in those fifteen minutes I was about to throw the remote control through the TV screen.

The first thing that annoyed me was a lady using daily mail statastics asking because we are the most densly populated country in Europe why we should accept more refugees.

The thing is we are not the most densely populated country. Malta has that distinction along with being the smallest country, Malta is also one of the first places anyone coming from Africa hits, there was a disagreement between the right wing and the left wing parties a few years ago. The left wing was very much we are a Christian country we should keep letting these unfortunates in. The right wing were lets close off our ports and blow the boats out the water.  (I believe the left wing won) And I think what scares me is UKIP in the UK thinks the same thing, as, I am sure, does many right wing parties. But Malta is still allowing refugees in.

The next thing that annoyed me was a member of the conservative party saying something like “we need the kind of economy for our children and grandchildren”

My problem with this, is due to the Tory party, being able to afford children and give them the upbringing they deserve, plus a higher education is now something only the upper class seems to be able to afford. Austerity is not working and the sooner the MP’s start living in the real world the better we will be.

The last thing, was someone made the point of, if he had a tenner in his pocket and went out and had four pints, he would be borrowing money off someone and he wouldn’t be able to keep it up. Why shouldn’t the budget for the country work the same way. He was basically laughed at, but why can’t that work. I am sure there is a very political answer, but what this country needs is a damn good spreadsheet.

Now my partner won’t let me watch it again

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