Its one of those days

If you have kids, you will understand this. We are having one of those days, were everything is a strop, when you say no the child hears yes, if it is naughty and not allowed it should be done.

And I am never sure how we get through these days because as my child he has a special talent of being able to make me lose my temper in under a minute, if he so wishes. I am also never sure if my short temper has to do with bipolar since I have read that the lack of control does have something to do with it.

Anyway we use time outs a lot for both of us I use them to calm down , we seperate from each other and take 3 minutes, cause I don’t think my son would do a time out for 30 minutes.

The thing is, people have bad days its no difference for a toddler as it is for an adult, so I try and suck it up. M is a fairly good child, he has his moments and so do I.

But its hard not to want to put him in the garden and go and hide in a cupboard

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