A little plea

If you have been reading my stuff more than 10 seconds you will know how subtle I am


And so based on this, I have about 8 followers to go till I hit my 300, so if people wouldn’t mind maybe directing people to my blog that would be lovely and I will be serving cake


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15 Responses to A little plea

  1. Sending someone your way, the cake looks lovely!!

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  2. momterry says:

    Element Healing sent me to your blog.. the cake looks amazing .. Does it come with a cup of coffee??

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  3. I definitely want a slice of that cake! You gotta follow through now…that cake is a sin waiting to be committed!

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  4. I was holding out for 666 Damn you and your plea!

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  5. Suppose I had to follow you eventually 😉

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  6. Great looking cake! Did you make it? Good luck!

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