5 years today I put up a status demanding someone take me for a drink and a guy I had known at school answered and we ended going for a drink. 1 child, 1 dog and 3 cats later he is still punching above his weight 😉

No in all seriousness, we have been through a lot, I met all his family at his Dad’s funeral a month after we started dating, we have moved twice, we had a miscarriage, we brought and then lost a cat, we then got two more cats, we got a dog and for most the way through this he has dealt with my mental health from doing so so to no longer being able to leave the house, not being able to look after our son and not being able to work. And throughout all of this he has been a rock.

He never knows how I am going to be when I wake up, if he is going to be going on a random trip, if I am even going to be able to make it out of bed, and yet he takes it all in his stride. Despite the fact I have put on weight he still makes me feel beautiful.

Yes we have been through rocky stages, yes he can be an idiot when he disagrees with me, and at times he bugs the hell out of me. But I love the bugger alot, and if we were in a Zombie Apocalypse there would be virtually no chance I would use his as bait

So if you are reading this happy Anniversary you old git

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  1. How sweet is this 😊

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