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I am on a bit of a rant at the moment, things in the press make me so very angry. And I woke up this morning to the news that the USA had had its 40th shooting in a school. The 141st time since The Sandy Hook massacre.

I am not into other countries politics, mainly because while I could chat about them, I don’t live there, so I cant get a feel for what is happening and I would say that about 90% of things reported are in some way fabricated, or embellashed.

Anyway what I can’t get my head round is why the USA seems to have the problem they do with shootings. The UK had one major incident in Dunblane in 1996 where 16 children and 1 teacher was killed. I was about 14 so still fairly young and didn’t really understand, but also it means that I grew up in a country where we didn’t have guns, because of that shooting it basically means its illegal to own a hand gun.

But then you have a country like Switzerland. In 2001 it was noted that the total number of firearms in private homes is estimated minimally at 1.2 million to 3 million. (Swiss Foreign and Security Policy Network Policy)

Compare this to the States

In 2005 over 10% of households contained handguns, compared to 18% of U.S. households that contained handguns. In 2005 almost 29% of households in Switzerland contained firearms of some kind, compared to almost 43% in the US. (Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective)

In 2014 Switzerland had a murder rate of 0.49 per 100,000 population, there were 173 attempted and completed homicides, of which 18 involved firearms. (Swiss Federal Statistical Office)

I wish I could compare it, but I couldn’t find any facts or figures for 2014 for the whole country but in New York alone, there was 328 murders and 100 more shootings that in 2013 (Daily beast)

The States has 5% of the population with  50% of the world’s civilian-owned firearms. According to the UNODC, 60% of U.S. homicides in 2009 were perpetrated using a firearm

I don’t have the answer, I wish I did, because another 10 innocent people have died, but I do agree with the Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin that the person who commited this latest act, wanted his name to be known and I refuse to do that, so I ask you to remember the name of Chris Mintz, who was wounded while rushing the killer, the day Chris Mintz was shot was also his son’s 6th birthday, all being well I hope Chris Mintz makes a full recovery and someone somewhere comes up with the soltution to gun control.

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11 Responses to gun control

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Honestly, I live here and don’t understand it. There are so many things at play in our society it is not just one issue but a tangled knot of psychological, societal, and governmental issues. All of which need to be addressed but we would so prefer to point fingers at others and blame others while shouting about “Our rights” on all sides that it will be tough to fix any of this.

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    • I am not sure how accurate I am that the gun people seem to have a stronghold on the US government, but that is certainly what gets reported, a lot of my “knowledge” about the gun laws comes from TV series. So its a bit like saying I can be a doctor because I watched house, I just don’t understand how this keeps happening and everytime it destroys a whole community and damages so many lives

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      • koolaidmoms says:

        It’s very true. The Gun Lobbyists invest tons of money in the US government and the senators and congressmen will not vote against their income sources. There is also a such a large history of owning guns in our country that everyone shouts, “It’s my right.” Which is fine but does this “right” mean assault weapons? Then there is another issue of mental health not being properly taken care of in our country and being seriously underfunded so that those who have problems can easily get guns and wreck havoc as they have in schools and communities. No one group wants to take any responsibility for what is happening and fix the holes and gaps that continue to allow this to happen.

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      • I haven’t been able to verify this statistic but a friend posted t “In all the mass shootings in America since 1982 three quarters of the weapons used were bought legally.” So I do think you are right, that you do have someone who thinks the best way to get fame is to shoot up a school, when in fact they just need serious medical help. I don’t understand why obama care was such a disaster because that would be one thing that might actually help.


      • koolaidmoms says:

        The entire insurance system and society as a whole under treats and under reports mental illness including our veterans who return with serious PTSD issues. Mental health is an issue that is skirted and not talked about. It is to be hidden or it will be used against you someday in applying for employment, housing or insurance. Drug and alcohol dependency is also not being addressed in our society. There are short term fixes – they will pay for 3 day or 2 week stays in rehabilitation centers but those spots are few and far between and many can’t afford the exorbitant prices of paying out of pocket which can reach $25,000 to $50,000 a month.

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      • Jesus, I never realised how expensive it was. It is one thing I will fight for, is our NHS, the british are so lucky with it, yes our mental health service are at breaking point but the poor can still get help

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      • Patricia says:

        Here is another issue with mental health: Many people have been in a mental health facility and are stabilized with medication so they have to be released. When they get out, the don’t like the way the medication makes them feel so they go off the medication. Then they have a mental health crisis and they go back into a mental health facility and the cycle repeats itself. After a time, many families cannot handle the behavior because the person refuses the take medication or will become manipulative pretending they are taking it. Eventually, families feel forced to put the person out of the home or let them leave the home because they just can’t handle it any more. Most of the homeless are schizophrenics who wouldn’t stay on their medication. I have an uncle who is schizophrenic. He is now in a residential facility where they make sure he takes his medication. It has been very hard on my mother and the rest of the family when he is off his medication. On the other hand, as you say, many can’t afford to stay on medication. As a telephone crisis counselor, I spoke to many people who had no insurance and couldn’t afford their medication. Assistance is limited. I also spoke with people who were bi-polar and said they like the highs they get and are bored with being regulated so they don’t take their meds. I’m not sure I believe that there were no signs that these perpetrators were going off the rails but I try to look at both sides.

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      • koolaidmoms says:

        I do believe often, but not always, there are signs that we do not see or won’t see due to our not wanting to see the signs. You are right in that there are some who prefer to not be medicated. How do we fix this whole broken system? Protecting people’s rights, gun ownership, mental health issues and addressing criminal activity all at the same time.

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      • I personally think because they seem so linked that if you start concentrating on one, like mental health then others will start to fix themselves, although tighter gun control does seem to be the way to go

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      • I think certain times there are very little signs, but then by the time a tragedy happens like this they must of been failed by not only, their parents, but by the medical community, teachers, their peers.

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      • Patricia says:

        I agree. It seems we have to have guns because we have guns. Arm yourself or be violated by people with guns?

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